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Pulling off a glamorous look, the red head styled her long locks in a poker straight fashion worn down to her waist.

Just when we were about to retire all outerwear to the back of the wardrobe, Charlotte Dawson proves that they can work just as well in the summer as they do in the winter.

Information on the eastern region of AANR can be found at

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Going all out there on her evening ensemble, she showed off her slender pins in the incredibly tiny leather playsuit, which caught the eyes of onlookers with the long tassels.Meetings and wholesome get-togethers are held at other members' homes as well as at area nudist resorts located in North and South Carolina.Meetings in each others' homes are open only to NCN members and approved prospective members.She has left viewers shocked by her reality TV antics when it comes to affairs in the bedroom.Yet Charlotte Dawson didn't spare a hint for her racy inclination on Sunday, as she stepped out in a dominatrix-inspired outfit, in Manchester.

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